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Minimum Wage Violations


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Are You Paid Less Than Minimum Wage?
If you are an employee and you are paid less than minimum wage, you may have a serious wage theft claim. The chart below offers some basic guidance on minimum wage rates in New York State. The hourly rates specified below are expected to increase incrementally on an annual basis until the minimum wage increases to $15 per hour in New York. Fast-food workers, home health aides, and those working pursuant to a contract with the government may be entitled to higher hourly rates and/or benefits. Government contracts pertain to work-sites, projects, and/or agencies that may include, but are not limited to: public schools, fire and police stations, court houses, sanitation facilities, public utilities, highway and road work construction and/or repair, public housing, security at government offices, public works construction, and so on.

What Damages Can An Employee Recover?
Under the Labor Law of New York State, employees may recover the full amount of any minimum wage underpayment due for the past six (6) years, as well as reasonable attorney’s fees, prejudgment interest, and liquidated damages that may amount to 100% of the total wages owed. Employees may recover money for additional claims discovered by this law office, including claims for unpaid overtime, illegal deductions, notice violations, and other unlawful employer conduct.

Minimum Wage Chart for New York State
The minimum wage rates below apply only to those locations indicated in the left most column.

New York State – Beginning on December 31, 2021
New York City
$15.00 per hour
Long Island & Westchester
$15.00 per hour
Remainder of New York State
$13.20 per hour
Federal Minimum Wage
Applies Nationally (all 50 States)
*$7.25 per hour
* The federal minimum wage yields to higher minimum wages set by individual states and/or municipalities.

* All of the figures in this article are based on New York State Law. The specific laws applicable to your type of employment may vary, as there are certain exceptions, exemptions, and exclusions that may apply.