Free Consultation

This law office hopes to learn more about you and your legal matter through a free consultation. Please contact this office using any method available on the contact page. This office understands that an initial consultation is important to you. It is a vital introduction between a prospective client and the attorney. The purpose of this free consultation is to provide this law office with a factual overview of your legal issue, and to determine whether the involvement of this law office would be appropriate and mutually beneficial. The law office reserves the right and discretion to offer, deny, and/or limit any free consultation and/or appointment. Cooperation is Important: The law office expects that prospective clients will be prepared to provide the law office with sufficient facts and records as may be requested by law office. The law office may also require prospective clients to complete intake questionnaires. Note on Original Records: Do not provide or forward any original documents or records to the law office, as the law office will only accept legible copies of same, unless specifically directed to do so in writing. The law office shall not accept responsibility for any lost, destroyed, or misplaced originals. Remember: Please be sure to act on your claims in a timely fashion, as an applicable statute of limitation, filing deadline, and/or court rule may prohibit you from doing so in the future. A written agreement that is duly signed, setting forth the nature and extent of the attorney-client relationship, is required before this law office may accept professional responsibility for your matter and/or case. Also, for the sake of clarity, free consultations and free evaluations are intended to mean the same thing. This office welcomes your inquiries!