About the Firm


The Practice
This firm practices labor and employment law. It represents employees experiencing a variety of employee rights related issues, such as: wage theft, which includes the underpayment of overtime, minimum wage, prevailing wage, tips, uniform allowances, and unlawful deductions. Kamenshchik also fights against discrimination, and wrongful termination.

Company Objective
The Kamenshchik law office aims to use its experience and knowledge as leverage against abusive employers who violate the rights of hardworking employees. Like in the biblical story of David and Goliath, this law office aspires to be the stone in the hands of employees.

Free Consultation
You are invited to contact this law office so that your legal matter can be considered and evaluated. Contact the law office at any time, day or night, using any convenient method provided on the contact page.

Why Hire an Attorney?
Attorneys are officers of the court. We are trained professionals that understand the intricacies of law and procedure. Our skills are acquired through rigorous academic programs, and those skills are sharpened through years of experience. An untrained litigant that is acting as his or her own representative can make fatal errors in evaluating claims, defenses, and evidence. The practice of law should be left to professionals that are familiar with the applicable legal theories, procedural rules, research, arguments, and pitfalls of each unique case.

Friendly Reminder: Use It or Lose It
A statute of limitation and/or other time restriction is likely running against your claim, which may ultimately prevent you from recovering on a meritorious cause of action. Therefore, it is important to act on your rights as quickly as possible.

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