Kamenshchik Welcomes You.

Free Consultation: You are invited to contact this law office so that your legal matter can be considered and evaluated. Contact the law office at any time, day or night, using any convenient method provided on the contact page.

This law office represents employees experiencing problems with: Wage Theft, Overtime, Minimum Wage, and Prevailing Wage.

Внимание: Для русскоговорящих, пожалуйста нажмите на эту ссылку.

Practice Areas: This is a general practice law office with a particular interest in the following practice areas:

  1. Unpaid wages, overtime, and other labor law violations;
  2. Personal injury and insurance litigation;
  3. Business and civil litigation;
  4. Domestic and foreign contractual disputes;
  5. Procurement consulting and vendor legal counsel;
  6. Recovery of significant accounts receivable and enforcement of judgments;
  7. Qui tam and whistle-blower actions; and,
  8. Prosecution of consumer protection claims.

For all other cases and/or matters: If your case and/or matter does not fall into one of the previously listed practice areas, you are still invited to contact this office and provide details about your legal concerns. This law office may be of assistance.

Company Objective
The Kamenshchik law office aims to provide clients with competent and diligent legal counsel ready to develop pragmatic solutions under difficult circumstances. You are welcome to contact this law office to discuss your legal concerns.

Why Hire an Attorney?
Attorneys are officers of the court and are professional legal practitioners that guide clients through a variety of complex legal problems. An untrained litigant that is acting as his or her own representative can make fatal errors in evaluating claims, defenses, facts, and valuations. The practice of law should be left to professionals that are familiar with the applicable legal theories, procedural rules, research, arguments, and pitfalls of each case.

Friendly Reminder: Use It or Lose It
A statute of limitation and/or other time restriction is likely running against your claim, which may ultimately prevent you from recovering on a meritorious cause of action. Therefore, it is important to act on your rights as quickly as possible.

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